Just Have Faith - ...something to hope for
Three grand essentials in life...
Something to do, Someone to love
Something to HOPE for. 
My "something to hope for " is to continue on this journey knowing that I have contributed to making a difference, 
a difference towards finding a cure for cancer.   
Inspired by and dedicated to my Dad, 
to other loved ones lost,
to the many who have been diagnosed with cancer
and to the families that have been touched by cancer,
this is for you...
As long as we "Just Have Faith" anything is possible. 
JHF was a very caring and giving man and had a wonderful personality. He was such a character and the best patient any nurse or doctor could ask for. He was a great father and will forever be my hero.  
His journey and battle with cancer ended after 20 months, and he will continue to be loved and missed dearly.  We will keep his memories in our hearts and will draw upon his strength and determination that continues to inspire. 
...whatever the circumstances
I can do everything through Him
who gives me strength.   
Please join in supporting our efforts to
help find a cure for cancer. 
Proceeds from various fundraising projects and events,
along with purchases throughout this site will support the
American Cancer Society.
Thanks so much,
Leasha Correa
Faith is being sure of what we hope for
and certain of what we do not see. (Heb 11:1)

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